What type of shoes can I wear?

Acceptable: Non-spiked turf shoes, futsal shoes, or other athletic footwear, such as tennis, running, or cross training shoes

Not Acceptable: Cleats, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, and non-athletic shoes, such as heels, boots, or loafers.


Does Soccer Stop only have soccer?

Many sports and athletic activities are possible at Soccer Stop besides Soccer, including Lacrosse, Futsal, Volleyball, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Tae Bo, Zumba, and Bubble ball.  Contact Soccer Stop with questions about how your sport or activity could be held at Soccer Stop.


How do I reserve a field?

Soccer Stop’s reservation calendar can be viewed online to get an idea of field availability that will fit your team’s needs. (Check Field Availability Now)  Contact Soccer Stop to place dates on hold or place a reservation.  Dates can be held for up to 48 hours, but will be released if not confirmed within the time frame.  When confirming a reservation, be prepared to provide credit card information.  See Policies and Payment Schedules


Does Soccer Stop have leagues?

Soccer Stop has been working to make league play available.  Check the Leagues tab to see what is currently available.  Some leagues are organized by outside groups using Soccer Stop as the host facility, while other leagues are organized in house.  If you do not see a league that meets your team’s need, email Soccer Stop (info@gosoccerstop.com) with the following information: Sport, Age, Number of Players, Club Info, Coach’s Name, and Contact Information.


Does Soccer Stop have Camps?

Soccer Stop does not have currently have a summer available, but is looking to host camps in the future.  If you are a coach or camp organization that would like to host a camp or clinic at Soccer Stop, please contact us with details about your camp and contact information.


What do I need to bring?

On a player’s first visit to Soccer Stop, he/she must bring a completed copy of Soccer Stop’s waiver form (Waiver & Rules).  We also recommend bringing a water bottle, all safety and sport equipment needed, and appropriate footwear (NO CLEATS).


Is there free wifi?

Yes, Soccer Stop has available wifi for guests.  Ask Soccer Stop staff for the password when you arrive.


Does Soccer Stop have drop-in hours?

Please join our Meetup Group for more information regarding our Pick-up/Drop-in times. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change based upon availability.


How late does Soccer Stop stay open?

Exact hours are determined by reservations. Soccer Stop Staff can be reached through email (info@gosoccerstop.com) or phone (410-312-9944) to answer any questions or help make reservations.


Do I need shin guards?

We require that all safety equipment (shin guards for Soccer; helmets/goggles, chest protector, mouth guards, etc. for Lacrosse) be worn during League play.  Shin guards are not required for drop-in soccer, but are recommended.  All protective equipment is required during drop-in Lacrosse, especially helmets/goggles, mouth guards, chest protectors, and/or goalie equipment.  During practices or rentals, ask the coach or organizer what is required.


Do you have Birthday Parties?

Yes, Soccer Stop has a Package for Birthday Parties.  For more information and details about what is included in the package, go to the Birthday Party tab. (See Event Rentals)


What is Soccer Stop’s cancellation policy?

See Cancellation Policy


Does Soccer Stop have retail items and/or equipment for sale?

No.  Soccer Stop is a field rental facility and does not sell equipment or merchandise.


Can I bring food?

Soccer Stop has a concessions stand that offers reasonably priced food, snacks, and drinks.  Outside food can be brought in as well, but any trash must be cleaned up and spills reported promptly.  All food and drink, other than water, must remain in the lobby or viewing areas and not be brought onto the fields/courts.